Online Summer School 2022

Want to keep in good flute form but still spend summer at the beach? Join the 2022 Flute Summer School online.

The Online Flute Summer School is a great way to maintain your skills over summer so you don’t arrive back to Music School struggling with your playing. It’s also a chance to work improving some of the physical, mechanical and mental skills you might not have had time to focus on during the year. We will identify problems together and organise systems to work on them in a calm and positive way.

This course is a selective group coaching program where we explore the various aspects of flute playing – embouchure, vibrato, articulation, finger technique, breathing… and beyond that practising, performance and creative skills! And if you happen to miss a day because the waves are too good, all of the classes will be uploaded online so you can catch up later.

You’ll experience:

Weekly live flute classes in real time on Zoom

A private Facebook group where you can post questions and your videos trying things out.

A daily warm up routine (some live, some pre-recorded)

A supportive community of adult flautists who all want to improve their playing

1:1 lesson calls with me

Access to my years of experience as a professional musician and teacher

The Online Flute Summer School is a 2 week course that runs from the 17th to 28th of January 2022 costing NZ $410. This course is ideal for university students or for flautists who are Grade 7+ standard who would like to up-skill their playing. If you are interested in applying or would like any further information please contact me here: