The Flute Coaching Program

If you are a flute teacher wanting to refresh and refocus your ideas, or a graduate who is trying to find a way to bridge the gap between graduation and begin the journey towards a fulfilling career in music, I can help you become more effective at practising, performing, and navigating your own musical path.

During the years I spent between my degree and becoming an orchestral musician, I experienced the challenge of establishing a freelance career, of trying to find my own voice as a musician and keeping my performance skills finely tuned at a top level. Although I had an excellent education from top music conservatories, I felt like I didn’t necessarily know how to win an orchestral job or have the practical skills to establish a career in music. It was a long and eye opening path to my position in the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra and teaching at the University of Auckland.

By exploring your existing skill set, clarifying your musical identity, and finding a music community you can connect with, you can find a path to creating a music career where you can pursue your artistic projects and take action to achieve the career goals that are most important to you.

I have created this program to help flautists find better ways to reach their goals and I can help you with the challenge of finding clarity to establish your niche and maintain momentum towards your goals.

You might be a recent graduate, a teacher wanting to polish your playing and develop new ideas, or an adult returning to the flute after some time away. This is an opportunity to spend time focussing on your flute playing, as well as developing the professional, technological, organisational and psychological skills needed to navigate a life in the arts.


This is an online coaching course which consists of a weekly flute lesson and planning session, warm ups and daily playing routines, and access to video workshops. If you can make it to Adelaide it is possible to have in-person meetings too. It can be taken as an intense 6 week course or over 12 weeks if more convenient.




Together we will create a plan geared towards your career aspirations. Some of the topics you may wish to focus could include:

Audition and exam preparation

Preparation for orchestral work

Performance anxiety

Stage presence

Efficient practice methods

How to create a concert series

How to start a teaching studio

What to teach beginner students

Exploring the more advanced repertoire from Trinity, ABRSM, NZMEB and AMEB

Teaching resources

Piccolo craft

Skills for learning contemporary music

Exploring baroque and renaissance flute and their application to modern flute

Grant writing and applying for residencies

Developing an online portfolio and website


Contacts with industry professionals

Keeping your body healthy

If you are interesting in applying or would like to discuss creating a program to suit your needs please contact me here:

Student testimonials –

‘Kathryn is an incredibly dedicated and thoughtful teacher. After finishing my studies she challenged me to thinking when it came to flute playing and practice. I would not have been accepted to Boston University without her guidance and teaching. Whether you want regular lessons, are working towards a particular goal, or you just want a new opinion in your flute playing I cannot recommend Kathryn enough.’

Matthew Lee, casual player in Christchurch Symphony, Doctoral student Boston University.

‘I first met Kathryn at a Waitaki Summer Music Camp and was very impressed with her approach as a Flute tutor. I was interested in continuing lessons with her which at first seemed a difficult if not impossible task as she lives in Auckland and I live in Wanaka. However this problem was very easily fixed by the lessons being made via Skype. 

A further problem is that I am a very mature student (I’m 75) and have had very few lessons in my 35 years of flute playing, creating a wealth of entrenched bad habits. 

I am very impressed with Kathryn’s ability to focus on problems and produce very practical solutions, and I am thrilled with the progress I have made in my monthly lessons this past year. I play in a Jazz quartet, a chamber trio and an amateur orchestra, and I note an improvement in my playing with these groups. I am far more confident and able to play to a higher standard. I could only recommend Kathryn as a teacher for students at all levels.’

Allen Hogan, Wanaka.

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