Teaching Philosophy

I currently teach flute at the Elder Conservatorium, University of Adelaide. You can also work with me through my Flute Coaching Program and Summer School.

My main goal is to nurture a love of music and high-level thinking in my students, while supporting their growth as contributing members of society. I am a rigorous teacher and focus on guiding students to the root of each musical issue. By breaking down difficult technical problems, students can ultimately express themselves with more musical freedom on the flute.

As an orchestral musician, I am always seeking the balance of great technique and convincing musicality. I also believe it is vital to look at ones playing in a holistic manner, incorporating mental preparation and looking after our bodies during music making. I encourage my students to expand their understanding of musical style through research and the exploration of historical instruments.

I have had the good fortune to study with some wonderful teachers over the years and this motivates me to pass on as much as I can to other flautists. I have enjoyed teaching for the past 25 years, have taught primary school, high school, university and adult flautists. No matter what level or musical interest a flautist has, I encourage them to develop their own musical philosophy that reflects their personality. My students have gone on to continue further studies at the Royal Academy of Music in London, the Manhattan School of Music, Sydney Conservatorium and the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

Music has the capacity to challenge us, to help us see the world from different perspectives and to connect us with others and our collective past. I believe that making music matters because it gets to  the essence of who we are and how we express ourselves as people. I expect my students to be informed, thoughtful, genuine musicians who use the flute to express their artistic vision. 

I believe in maintaining a flute studio that is supportive, inquisitive, and energised. Students can inspire and learn from each other in a way that lifts everyone up and creates lifelong relationships. If you are passionate about flute playing and want to make a positive impact on the world through music please contact the Elder Conservatorium at the University of Adelaide to find out about studying with me.

Student testimonials –

‘I strongly recommend any flute player to take lessons with Kathryn and do not miss out on the opportunity to learn from her vast experience and knowledge for all kinds of flute playing. Her insight ranges from basic technique, repertoire, chamber music, professional orchestral auditions and much more. Not only does she pay personal attention tailored to your needs during lesson, she will also offer an extensive amount of resources for your own development. Whatever expectation you had before the lesson, she will surpass it.’

Hye-Won Suh, casual player in Auckland Philharmonia & NZSO, flute teacher St Peter’s College, graduate of Boston Conservatory and University of Auckland.

‘Kathryn was such a kind, generous, and patient teacher. She had a myriad of technical, musical, and industry resources and expertise that prepared me for a future of flute playing. In fact, studying with Kathryn played a key role in my decision to pursue classical flute into my tertiary studies – she instilled in me such a passion for creating meaningful music and setting higher standards. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to learn from and play with Kathryn.’

Eva Ding, New York freelance flautist, postgraduate student at Manhattan School of Music.

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